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Smokin' Ugly: Creating a Drum Smoker to Your Specs

Posted by Weber Knapp on Jun 15, 2022 2:41:40 PM

For fans of smoked meat, investing in a Smokin’ Ugly Drum Smoker makes a lot of sense. Enjoying prime rib, brisket or turkey smoked in your backyard - preferably in a drum smoker that can be set and checked on minimally until the cooking is complete - sounds like the ideal summer meal plan. 

Some people are interested in this option but aren’t sure where to start. The first step is acquiring the 55-gallon drum that will be the base for your drum smoker. Once you have that on hand, we can help you with the accessories that make the drum the smoker you can enjoy in any weather (but outdoor cooking in summer is a bit more fun). 

Smokin’ Ugly Benefits: Customization and Personalization

Smokin' Ugly- hinges

When it comes to the Smokin’ Ugly Drum Smoker kit, you bring the drum and we provide the necessary pieces to turn that drum into your backyard smoker. The kit includes spring assist hinges to make sure the lid doesn’t unexpectedly slam shut and cause injury; latch handles for opening and closing your smoker, intake and exhaust vents, and a grill rack and griddle. 


However, that’s not all. Your Smokin’ Ugly Drum Smoker not only provides you with a quality outdoor cooking grill for summer meals but it can be easily turned into another cooking surface with minimal effort. In fact, some of the appeal of the Smokin’ Ugly is its flexibility and the fact you can easily create other options for cooking during the summer. 

Kits Available to Match Your Desired Smoker

Smokin' Ugly - outdoor pizza oven accessories

The Smokin’ Ugly provides a chance for you to switch things up a bit, with the option to create a Pizza Oven using your drum smoker, with the purchase of an additional kit and some time to put it together. Minimal tools are needed, and you can be cooking a woodfire pizza to perfection in no time. 

The kit to turn your smoker into a pizza oven includes the fuel basket, stainless steel cooking plate, and the cooking chamber lid. These pieces turn your drum smoker into an easy-to-use pizza oven, and woodfired pizza is in your near future. 

If you enjoy cooking breakfast outdoors, the pizza oven also doubles as a griddle. This can be a treat for the entire family. Take your pancakes and hash browns outside to cook. 

Additional accessories for the pizza oven include a pizza peel, to allow you to safely put the pizza on the cooking surface - and remove it - without any burns for the hardworking chef. 

Other accessories that can be worth the investment for the Smokin’ Ugly include: 

  • A Charcoal basket kit
  • A Charcoal shoot kit
  • An Inlet vent and exhaust vent kit
  • A Grill grate and utensil hook kit
  • A Water pan holder kit

Consult the Experts Today to Get Started Building Your Drum Smoker

The Smokin’ Ugly Drum Smoker is a great way to get yourself set up for smoking meat to your preference. It also provides the additional benefit of easy adjustment to become the pizza oven you always wanted. 

You can impress the family with a tasty summer meal or wow guests with your cooking skills - and the assistance of the Smokin’ Ugly. 

Weber Knapp’s Smokin’ Ugly experts are available to discuss your outdoor cooking grill wants and needs with you today.

Download the SMOKIN' UGLY Product Preview Sheet

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