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Smokin' Ugly Spotlight: The Smokin' Ugly™ Pizza Oven

Posted by Weber Knapp on Mar 31, 2022 9:19:23 AM

With growing interest in backyard barbecuing, traditional smokers have often been limited to the low-and-slow method of cooking.

And while being able to smoke meats in your driveway or your backyard is great, have you ever wished your drum smoker was more versatile? 

The Smokin' Ugly™ Pizza Oven

What if you were able to use it as a pizza oven or even a griddle? Weber Knapp has built on the drum smoker’s solid foundation to bring you the Smokin’ Ugly™ Pizza Oven

But how can a standard 55-gallon drum smoker turn into a pizza oven? This drum smoker upgrade includes:

  • Smokin Ugly Pizza A fuel basket – this piece attaches easily to the smoker’s rim and can be filled with wood or charcoal to provide more direct heat to the griddle. 
  • Stainless steel cooking plate – this stainless plate rests on the fuel basket and is contoured perfectly to the smoker’s rim. It’s ideal for cooking pizza, eggs, bacon, and much more. Think of it as your very own drum griddle. 
  • Cooking chamber lid – attach this stainless steel hood onto the drum smoker lid with three easy bolts and get cooking!

Once you’ve got the Smokin’ Ugly Pizza Oven Kit set up, using it is super simple. 

Start by lighting your charcoal. Only fill the bottom with charcoal as we’ll be adding wood for our fuel source.

Once your charcoal has burned down, fill your basket up with your choice of wood. Put the wood in the back of the basket and add enough to get the fire up to temperature. Once you're up to temperature, you’re ready to start cooking! 

Need some inspiration? We don’t just manufacture these awesome drum smoker accessories, we use and love them! Our team collaborated to show you our favorite recipes, including the Smokin' Ugly™ Pizza -- by Weber Knapp employees Rhonda, Randy, and Wayne!

Endless Recipe Possibilities

The Smokin’ Ugly Flatbread Pizza is a simple, yet delicious meal that any family will enjoy. Let’s start with the ingredients -- for this pizza, you’ll need: 

  • precooked flatbread
  • ricotta
  • mozzarella
  • romano cheese
  • pre-cooked chorizo sausage
  • onions
  • red pepper flake

Start with a pre-cooked flatbread pizza and spread your ricotta cheese out as you would the sauce. Next, put the mozzarella and romano cheese down, and then the chorizo sausage, seasonings, and onions. 

Once you’ve constructed your pizza, use the Pizza Peel to carefully set your creation inside the pizza oven. Keep an eye on your pizza, especially if you’ve got your oven extra-hot. Rotate the pizza to ensure even cooking, checking that the lid is closed each time.

(Need some help? Check out the Youtube video to the right for a full demonstration of how to cook this delicious Pizza!)

Once your cheese has melted and the crust is crispy, pull your pizza out, cut, and enjoy! 


If pizza isn't your style, the Smokin’ Ugly Pizza Oven can also double as a griddle that can cook smash burgers, Naan, and more! 

Download our full Smokin’ Ugly Cookbook below for more recipes like Eric’s Lazy Smoked Chicken, Tyler’s Mango Jalapeno Chicken Kabobs, or Leila’s Smoked Sausage Quiche. and that utilize the entire Smokin’ Ugly Accessories Lineup! 

Download the Smokin' Ugly Cookbook Here

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