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How Motion Control Hinges Transform Outdoor Living Spaces

Posted by Weber Knapp on Feb 1, 2022 1:45:00 PM

While outdoor spaces have traditionally been a place for cookouts, entertaining, and spending time with our families, major upgrades to outdoor equipment and accessories are just starting to come to fruition. 

A driving force of that innovation comes from the integration of motion-control hinges. From hide-away picnic tables, benches, and bars, to smokers, grills, and appliances, motion-control hinges can be integrated to add safety and luxury into your outdoor living space. 

Transforming Outdoor Living Spaces with Motion Control Hinges

Outdoor living spaces come in many different shapes and sizes, and for those with smaller backyards, having a luxurious yet functional outdoor space traditionally was out of the realm of possibility. 

Thanks to innovative motion-control technology though, several space-saving measures can be utilized to increase the liveable space including:

Integrating hide-away seating and eating spaces can allow for a smaller backyard to host large parties without sacrificing the homeowner’s personal living space when not entertaining. Hide-away motion control products can also be used at restaurants, cafes, and bars that have smaller outdoor seating areas. 

Motion Control Hinges: Taking Outdoor Kitchens to the Next Level 

We can’t talk about outdoor living spaces without talking about outdoor kitchens. Traditionally only seen in wealthy households, the popularity of outdoor kitchens has exploded during the pandemic. And integrating motion control hinges into outdoor kitchens and kitchen appliances has become a popular trend due to increased functionality and safety.

When accessibility and functionality are of paramount importance, motion control hinges can be integrated to improve the ease of use and safety of products like: 

Motion Control and Outdoor Living Spaces


From a smooth and luxurious open/close motion to assisted open features, integrating motion control into any of the aforementioned products has several benefits. For high-traffic kitchens counterbalance hinges prevent the lid or door from slamming when being shut, resulting in fewer smashed fingers and limbs. 

Motion control hinges can also reduce the effort needed to lift heavy lids or open heavy doors, expanding access to outdoor kitchens to the elderly and those with physical disabilities or limitations. 

Motion control hinges increase the ease of use and improve the flexibility of kitchen accessories and products, making it possible to incorporate a variety of unique features into an outdoor kitchen.
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Not Sold On Motion Control? Consult an Expert

It’s clear that there are several possibilities when integrating motion control into an outdoor living

 space. Have a question regarding whether counterbalance hinges or another motion control hinge would work in your next project? Consult the motion control experts here:

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