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Growth, Economic Impact & Product Diversity - Weber Knapp Successes

Growth, Economic Impact & Product Diversity - Weber Knapp Successes

Posted by Leila Bell on Jun 20, 2016 12:22:19 PM

Business success stories begin with empowering leadership that instills a culture of collaboration, productivity and a strategic vision. In 2011 current President and CEO Rex McCray and Senior Vice President of Engineering Donald Pangborn brought ownership of Weber Knapp Company from a British-based investment company back to Jamestown, New York.

Today Weber Knapp is entering its 107th year with an employee base totaling 135 people. During the new ownership, the company has hired 33 new, full-time employees and annual local economic impact in 2016 is $11.2 million between wages, benefits, local suppliers, utilities, taxes and direct community support. The company recently retired its purchase financing five years ahead of schedule; a result of increased sales.

Weber Knapp focuses on high caliber engineering solutions for unique and specific design challenges. The company sells office furniture ergonomics, retail electronic displays, engineered solutions and hinge product lines to distributors and OEMs. Product lines are being leveraged to enter the medical ergonomics and U.S. General Service Administration markets.

Weber Knapp is also partnering with Kamodo Joe Ceramic Grills to provide the new Vectis springloaded, counterbalance hinges on its Classic Joe and Big Joe grills. The Vectis product line is also found on Hestan outdoor appliances; an emerging growth market for Weber Knapp.

"This is a great story of maintaining a great company through great ownership," said Chautauqua County Executive Vince Horrigan. "Not only are they keeping jobs here and growing, but they're also helping out in our community."

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