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Vectis Technology: The Future of Hideaway Tables

Vectis Technology: The Future of Hideaway Tables

Posted by Weber Knapp on Jul 14, 2021 9:04:00 AM



Summer time means eating outside on the picnic table, surrounded by family and friends. But who loves moving the heavy table once the meal is done? No one.

Cue Weber Knapp's Vectis Technology counterbalance hinges - the future of hideaway tables, work benches, seating, and more. 

Say goodbye to old, heavy picnic tables and hello to space-saving hideaway picnic tables. The  Vectis counterbalance hinge allows for fold-up picnic tables, work benches, and seating that are easy to use and store. But how does this tech work?

Counterbalance Hinges: The Tech Behind Hideaway Tables

The Weber Knapp Vectis Technology Picnic Table concept provides an all-in-one mounting solution for hideaway picnic tables. But how does this tech work? 

How Does Hideaway Picnic Table Tech Work Again?Hideaway Tables - Motion Control Hinges

With Weber Knapp’s state-of-the-art Vectis Technology, even a heavy wooden table can be lifted with just one finger. 

These hinges are designed to withstand not just high heat and extreme friction, they’re also tested to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

Vectis™ technology counterbalance hinges provide a safe and simple solution not only to your average picnic table, but also for a multitude of future applications. 


Hideaway Tables And So Much More

While the picnic table concept in the above video was specifically designed to accommodate fold-down style tables, this technology can be used in several other applications. 

Counterbalance hinges would be great for:

  • Remote/portable workstations
  • Fold-down benches for horse trailers, campers, or toy haulers
  • Pull-down bench for hotel seating

With Vectis Technology, any table, desk, or bench can be mounted and hidden away. Whether that be in your horse trailer, RV, toy hauler, or workshop, counterbalance hinges can make even the heaviest of countertops and tables liftable without straining one’s back.

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