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Must-Have RV Designs | Mechanical Motion Control

Must-Have RV Designs | Mechanical Motion Control

Posted by Weber Knapp on Aug 17, 2023 9:37:59 AM

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In the vibrant world of life on the road, every square inch of space matters. 

Whether you’re designing for RVs, fifth-wheels, campers, or something else entirely, the ability to use space efficiently and safely is a priority. The ingenuity behind each design is driven by a demand for storage, organization, and multi-use functionality. 

Central to designing must-have RV accessories are the unsung heroes of compact living: mechanical motion control solutions. Here we’ll explore their pivotal role in creating ergonomic, practical designs for RV’ers and van life enthusiasts. 


Harnessing Mechanical Motion Control for Life on the Road

Mechanical motion control solutions such as specialty hinges are critical to the comfort and convenience of those embracing the mobile lifestyle. They’re instrumental in transforming small spaces into versatile, practical living quarters.

Custom hinges aren't just a part of the design – they're instrumental in maximizing space. They transform a simple, stationary object into a multi-functional asset. 

Imagine the innovative design elements made possible by durable, reliable mechanical motion control solutions:

  • Fold-down tables that can be tucked away when not in use
  • Countertop extensions that flip out for additional counter space
  • TV lifts to keep screens securely stowed
  • Monitor mounting arms for space-saving computer setups
  • Concealed hinges that save space while maintaining a sleek aesthetic


See how motion control engineering can improve your product design:


Fold-Down Tables

Fold-down tables epitomize the advantage of using mechanical motion control solutions to transform RV and van living

A seemingly simple addition, a folding table significantly increases the utility of the limited space available. 

When deployed, it can serve as a dining area, a workstation, or even a preparation surface for meals. 

However, its true brilliance lies in its ability to fold away neatly when not in use, thereby freeing up valuable living space. With sturdy hinges ensuring a seamless transition between states, this feature exemplifies the versatility that mechanical motion control brings to mobile living.



Countertop Extensions

Equally revolutionary are the flip-out countertop extensions. In an RV or van, every bit of counter space is precious. These extensions, supported by robust specialty hinges, provide much-needed additional space for cooking or other tasks. 

They can be extended when needed, for instance, when making meals or hosting guests. When not in use, they can be neatly stowed away, conserving space and maintaining the neat and uncluttered look of the RV interior. 


TV Lifts

TV and monitor lift mechanisms, another application of mechanical motion control solutions, revolutionize entertainment in the confines of an RV or van. 

These devices allow a flat-screen TV to be safely and securely stored inside a countertop or cabinet, completely hidden from view when not in use. When it's time to relax and watch a show, the TV silently and smoothly rises to a convenient viewing level just by applying pressure to its lid.

Given the dynamic nature of life on the road, having such secure storage is crucial for expensive electronics. Furthermore, the sleek and uncluttered look achieved when the TV is stowed adds to the aesthetic appeal of the living area and allows campers to reclaim valuable counter space.



Monitor Arms

Monitor mounting arms are yet another example of mechanical motion control solutions in RV and van living – especially for the RV home office. 

These ergonomic devices, designed with powerful custom hinges and armatures, allow a computer monitor to be positioned at the optimal viewing angle, height, and distance for the user, thereby enhancing comfort and reducing strain during use. 

When not in use, the monitor can be smoothly and securely tucked away against a wall or inside a specially designed cabinet, thanks to the flexibility offered by the mounting arm. This feature not only conserves valuable space but also protects the monitor from potential damage during travel, just as with the TV lift systems. 

In work-from-home scenarios, which are increasingly common among RV and van life enthusiasts, having a dedicated computer setup that can be stowed away when not needed greatly enhances productivity while maintaining the living area's clean and uncluttered appearance.


Concealed Hinges

Concealed hinges are another key component in the arsenal of mechanical motion control solutions that enhance RV and camper design. These small yet sturdy devices are crucial to maintaining a sleek aesthetic in mobile living spaces while maximizing space efficiency. 

Despite their slender construction, slim hinges are engineered to offer rugged support to: 

  • Cabinetry
  • Doors 
  • Refrigerators

This combination of strength and compact design makes them invaluable in the efficient use of space.

Moreover, the clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of slim hinges contribute to the overall appeal of the RV or camper interior. They blend seamlessly into the design, reducing visual clutter and adding to the sense of spaciousness.

From a functionality perspective, slim hinges enable the smooth, reliable operation of doors, cabinets, and other movable elements within the RV. This ensures that occupants can access and utilize the available space comfortably and conveniently, further enhancing the living experience on the road. 

Leveraging Mechanical Motion Control for Efficient & Comfortable Mobile Living

Beyond the obvious benefits of space-saving, integrating specialty hinges into RV and van designs helps to maintain a clean, organized environment. 

Through the strategic use of mechanical motion control solutions, you can design must-have RV accessories that are both useful and multifunctional for your customers to use. 

At the end of the day, it's all about creating a space that doesn't just feel like a vehicle, but like a home. Whether for a weekend getaway or a lifestyle choice, specialty hinges are designed to create a comfortable and efficient experience in RV living.


Learn More About Our Solutions

Our mechanical motion control solutions are the key to unlocking the potential for comfortable living on the road. Ask one of our engineers directly about your custom hinge needs: 

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