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Foldaway Beds Gaining Traction

Foldaway Beds Gaining Traction

Posted by Weber Knapp on Jun 27, 2022 3:33:23 PM

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Today’s world has seen new priorities come to light in response to the global pandemic. One result of people being required to stay home for long periods of time is that they stopped to evaluate their living space. For some, that space presented issues. If it was less than ideal, a makeover went into action. 

The foldaway bed, which is more commonly known as the Murphy bed, is a feature that people include in their design plans when the room has limited square footage, and a bed needs to fit with other furniture. This allows optimization of the space both by allowing for other furniture and freeing up space for the organization of the room as a whole. 

The Murphy bed flips into a recess built into the wall or into a specifically designed exterior cabinet, leaving space to be used for other purposes. A counterbalance hinge is a key factor in allowing this space to be used. These hinges make the significant weight of a bed manageable by one person - and even with one hand. 

Foldaway Beds Provide Options for Space-Saving

Both big chain hotels and smaller, independent ones are finding the incorporation of foldaway beds into their designs during startup or renovation means a more effective room design. These beds allow for a smaller room to still provide a place to sleep, a workspace, and things like storage and television to enjoy watching while they relax. 

There are a few benefits to installing a foldaway bed: 

Flexibility - each space has certain expectations that need to be met. Having a fold-down desk or a fold-down ironing board help to allow the space to be effective for work tasks and regular day-to-day activities. 

Ease of use - The foldaway bed is a helpful feature when considering multi-purpose furniture for a space that will be used by different people. It maximizes the variety of options, and visitors can enjoy the space in the way that best suits their needs. 

Safety with Optimal Comfort - No comfort is sacrificed when a foldaway bed is installed. Unlike a futon or lower-quality mattress, a foldaway bed can have a high-quality, comfortable mattress included. It just flips away for storage when it is not needed. 

Removal is easy - If you have a foldaway bed installed, you may think that is a permanent feature in that location. However, foldaway beds are easy enough to uninstall and transport in the event of a move. This allows you to bring the flexibility and quality of your foldaway bed to whatever residence you choose next. 

Aesthetic appearance - When folded away, a foldaway bed can look like the wall, match the decor in whatever way necessary, and show no hint of its purpose. This is a positive for designers who enjoy making foldaway accessories appear as though they aren’t there at all. This type of design can’t be achieved without space-saving concealed hinges. 

Additional Hotel Room Trends That Require More Space

Co-living is a new trend that has increased post-pandemic. This means fitting a number of people into a smaller space - which can be done when the space is maximized with space-saving furniture and techniques. The use of ottomans and other furniture with storage options helps keep clutter to a minimum. Also, living spaces and workspaces are designed with a larger group of occupants in mind, meaning the furniture is more durable due to expanded use.space-saving hinges

Fold-down shelves and a foldaway table are both options that can provide storage or a workspace when desired and be moved out of the way when the space is set to host other activities. 

Vacation rentals are set up for new groups to use on a regular basis. With this in mind, it makes sense that different groups will have different needs. Optimizing the space in an organized way means that these groups can find the best layout for their particular needs. Having things like a foldaway table or Murphy bed means they can maximize the space set up accordingly. 

An Airbnb is another area where Murphy beds pave the way for maximizing the space available. An Airbnb offers a home away from home, and if you are hoping to provide that space to a larger group while dealing with limited physical space, the Murphy bed can help. It is also a good idea to look into various other foldaway options - including keyboard arms and monitor arms to provide an optimized workspace that can later be put away to allow for other activities or a group to use the space for fun instead. 

Consult the Experts| Weber Knapp Knows Counterbalance

The coronavirus pandemic had an impact on perspective and priorities. For hotels and other multi-use spaces, maximizing the options and providing additional space for tasks and activities can mean the difference between getting someone’s money and being passed over for another hotel that pays better attention to customer expectations. 

Reach out today to discuss the importance of counterbalance hinges to your overall redesign of a bedroom, office space, or the other main living areas of your home. hospitality resource page

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