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Is an Ergonomic Mouse Tray Worth the Office's Cheese?

Is an Ergonomic Mouse Tray Worth the Office's Cheese?

Posted by Weber Knapp on Aug 3, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Ergonomic Mouse Tray - Office's Cheese
Have you created a healthy workplace for your employees? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) advocates for a workplace that promotes good posture through ergonomic office furniture and equipment. Good posture leads to more productive employees with fewer aches and pains, healthier bodies, and fewer sick days. 

You may be surprised at the ROI you'll receive from providing something as simple as an ergonomic mouse tray!

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Mouse Tray

One important component of a complete ergonomic desk setup is the humble mouse tray. It may not be the most attractive piece of office equipment you'll purchase, but it's an important one for employee comfort.

An ergonomic mouse tray allows employees of different heights, arm reach, and working styles to use a mouse comfortably. An ergonomic keyboard mouse setup has many benefits:

  • It reduces hand and wrist strain that could lead to carpal tunnel or other musculoskeletal injuries.
  • It improves circulation by keeping the wrist and hand in a more relaxed, natural position.
  • It improves productivity by reducing pain and fatigue.

The Benefits Extend Beyond Ergonomics

An ergonomic computer mouse tray can be stowed away when not in use, freeing up valuable desk space. Instead of working around the mouse tray and other ergonomic desk accessories, having a proper setup allows employees to reconfigure their desk space as needed. In other words, your equipment works for you.

Ergonomic Mouse Tray - Office's Cheese

A standalone mouse tray also lets your employees place their keyboards in the most comfortable position for typing, since they won't have to adjust for both. Correct keyboard and mouse positioning can prevent that dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. Having ergonomic keyboard and mouse trays improves employees' productivity, health, and morale, a big plus for companies that are transitioning back to working from the office.

(Just don’t forget that work-from-home employees deserve ergonomic equipment too!)

Other Ergonomic Workstation Accessories

Ergonomic office equipment like mouse and keyboard trays can be purchased separately. However, they're usually purchased in combination as part of an ergonomic desk setup that includes everything needed to keep your hardworking employees comfortable and productive.

Of course, you'll want to consider your employees' work styles when choosing ergonomic workstation accessories. Some of them may prefer a computer chair mouse tray rather than one that’s attached to the desk. That sort of flexibility in placement is one of the big advantages of ergonomic mouse trays — they can be positioned wherever the user finds them most comfortable.

When choosing ergonomic computer solutions, consider a product's:

  • durability, 
  • ease of cleaning, 
  • sustainability, 
  • aesthetic, 
  • and price

 High-quality ergonomic office products are often a better long-term choice than less-expensive options that don't last as long in a busy office. This is especially true when multiple employees use that workstation in a given day, resulting in extra equipment adjusting and general wear and tear.

More Thoughts to Nibble On

The versatility of an ergonomic mouse tray makes it a highly usable office accessory. It can connect to a keyboard tray, a sit-stand desk, or even an office chair. It can also tilt separately from the keyboard, allowing employees to adjust it for their individual needs. It even slides out of sight when it isn't needed, freeing up desk space for other uses.

There's no denying that a separate mouse tray will cost a bit more than a standard flat tray. It's usually ordered as an add-on, at a small additional cost. At least it often arrives complete with a mouse pad, which is one less accessory you'll have to order if you’re an office manager.

Despite the additional cost, the ergonomic benefits of these mouse trays make them well worth ordering. 

From improved worker productivity to fewer paid sick days, the ROI of ergonomic mouse trays makes them a great investment! 

Finding the Best Ergonomic Workstation Accessories

Look for an ergonomic mouse tray that's sturdy, durable, and easy to clean. The best models will also be adjustable enough to match the unique needs of each of your employees.

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